Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Brush With Greatness


A shot of Senator Robert Menendez and me in my studio at the 2008 Hoboken Artist Studio Tour. That guy wasn't going to get out of my studio without me grabbing a snap of us together! :)
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Dave Scriven said...

That's pretty cool. It's not every day a senator walks into your studio. Of course, it's not every day the senator gets to view great art!

Anonymous said...

Hi :). I was lucky enough to find your blog thanks to Nancy Colasurdo. We'd met back in December, 2007 at the Crafts Fair (I'd worked right beside you, once) and then again at the Studio Art Tour at Neumann. I raved about your hand-written journal and illustrations and suggested that you turn all of it into a book?

Well, even if you don't remember me, your blog is cool. And I hope that you're still drawing/writing in that book!

Deborah Steinberg

maffy said...

Yes, Deborah, I remember you! Thank you for your kind comments about my illustrated journal. I'm going to do *something* with it all at some point...working out the details, with Nancy in fact!